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Best crypto affiliate program – The Medooza affiliate: The Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing

Hi Medooza users!
We are very excited to launch the Medooza affiliate program.
With the Medooza affiliate program you can earn lots of MDZA tokens while doing simple actions like sharing the project videos, share web links, give free gifts to your friends, promote the MDZA token sale and more…

In fact, anyone can find the right actions to share and earn!

In this video we will show you how to set up a new account, How to share your links, how to set up your information, and how to withdraw your MDZA tokens to your wallet!

With our simple and effective affiliate programs you can earn MDZA tokens with few simple clicks.

Ok, Let’s start setting up a new account.
As you see, it’s very simple.

Now let’s take a look at the Dashboard.
First, set up your MDZA wallet address and payment information.

Fill in your Medooza wallet address, E-mail, Name and Mobile phone.
If you don’t have Medooza wallet, go to Medooza wallet application and create one.

Now you can start to earn MDZA while sharing your links.
Please note to copy all the link, with your individual ID.
As you can see you have 2 options to grab you links.

You can copy the HTML tags and put it in your site or your blog if you have one… or you can copy the direct links.

We are adding new links and options all the time, so it’s important to stay tuned for new opportunities that we are adding all the time.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Sharing your links.
Share your links anywhere you can. on social networks, Telegram groups, forums and blogs.
you can also share your links with the WhatsApp application to your contact list.

Ok, So after you shared your links, you can start to monitor your earnings and make a withdrawal.

To see your earnings, click on the Reports Tab. Here you will see all the confirmed actions made by users, that you referred .

How to withdraw your earnings? It’s very easy
Click on My wallet tab.
On the right side you’ll see the withdraw button.
Click it, and you will see that the status changed to Request Send.
After processing the payment you will see the MDZA tokens sent to your Medooza wallet address.

That’s all for now,

Don’t forget to link and share the video with your friends.

Medooza Team

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