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A Fold Apart turns working through anxiety into puzzle solving


It can be difficult to look for ways to generatemoney playing video games.

You won’t locate jobs advertised on the job boards.

But there are three general ways to get into making money playing video games:

The right to use video game manufacturers and distributors directly, and come up with the money for your services. You’ll have to be a well-experienced video game artist to even try this.

Become a certainly competitive video gamer, such that you can get functioning in tournaments and additional goings-on that will create you deafening money.

Become a video game entrepreneur. This is really the business side of video games. You begin a website, become active on the social media, or manufacture a YouTube channel. You become ascribed as an proficient in the field, drawing many thousands of followers. You can subsequently sell video games upon an affiliate basis, or even get sponsorships from the companies themselves.

YouTube is especially important. In fact, it’s not an quirk to tell that your YouTube channel is your resume in the video game universe.

So you can discharge duty video games for sure, but put your entrepreneur’s cap on, and be ready to perspective it into a side event or something much more.
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